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ft. a live band!

I’ve been doing a lot of work with musicians lately.

Chris Klaxton is about to put out a record with one of my tunes and he’s already reserved one for the next record (this record is awesome and the next record will probably be even more awesome). His record is called Starcode and it goes everywhere.

I’m making a tape with the genius behind Dorcas Morton.

I played a show with Eric Klaxton on sax and Nico Gallo on vibes at Baldface Books in Dover. I was really happy with how it sounded and it really breathed new life into a lot of the poems.

This week-end I have 2 shows with Greg Baldi, the mastermind behind Comma. We’ve been friends for a long time but this will be our first time working together. We’re excited. Imagine loops and boops and reverb and poems I wrote when I was crazy in high school. One of them is at an art exhibit about demons. I wrote whole new sets for bar crowds and demonic art so come listen.

Check out the appearances page for more info.

I haven’t been submitting. I haven’t been trying to publish. I haven’t been editing (my poetry). Only eking out the poems as they come and writing commercial stuff all day. I moved to Portland, Maine. I haven’t made it out into the scene yet. I sit at this computer all day and try to get people to pay me enough money for writing stuff to pay all the money I told other people I’d pay them for like teaching me and giving me electricity and chorizo and stuff.


fictional friends tune with chris klaxton and co.

fiction friends tune with chris klaxton and co.

I just put this song in my box for you. click on that thing to listen to it. Chris Klaxton, a wonderful musician and the new director of the Plymouth U Jazz department, decided to make using the lyrics from ‘fictional friends’, a poem from my latest chapbook. check it out. i’ve got another reading coming up too. 

my 2nd chapbook also roams freely in the box. 

(They don’t like it) How we like it.

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waiting writing waiting writing waiting writing waiting writing

“How we like it” has not even been published yet but already the reviews are pouring in:

– “we failed to grasp the point this poem is trying to make…What’s the
point?…Right now this poem reads like clips from actual pornography,
and that does not qualify as literature.”
-black heart magazine

-“Unfortunately, the piece is not for us”
-The Subterranean Quarterly

-“the magazine closed last year.”

anyways yeah whoever participated in the survey for the creation of the poem hold on tight; i think it’ll find a hoem. i’ve given you a preview up top of one anonymous portrait of desire.

Otherwise, I found this cool new magazine the round-up writer’s zine that publishes nice pulpy lo-life lit about mostly deranged people. it’s fun to read and they published a poem of mine about not taking drugs in the latest issue. their next issue will have a short story of mine about virtual pederastic romance.

Some other new poems up in the published works section too. everything i’ve had to say– just a couple lousy clicks away. and there’ll be more where that came from.