So I got this site…

i got this site. it’s so you can read my poetry if you want. and so you can see where and when i’ll be reading it and publishing it. some people are asking. i was gonna get it earlier but then i didn’t know what to call it. then i called it this. probably it was a mistake. isn’t any a rt chance arT? woah.

rick made the site because i’m not such a master at high level interneting. he’s a good guy. thanks rick.

you can now read or download my last chapbook, how the body works. it has become a .pdf. also i’ve just got another new poem into The Buenos Aires reader if you wanna see a little about what life’s like down here. and a couple new poems coming out in Tiger Train. you can link to them through the published works page. Tiger Train is a good place to browse around.

i’m pretty sure i’m going back to new hampshire this summer. making barns. trying to publish my next book. editing this zine with my friend Sam Paolini. she’s a cool artist from NH. so is her sister. so is her brother. so is her boyfriend. we’re all gonna be involved it it. you could to if you wanted to submit. it’s wrongbrain. check it out in the other projects section.


i guess that’s all for now. viva la poesia y todo…


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