summer in the states

summer in the states is pretty there is a river a raindrop and two roosters in front of me neil young is whispering wisdom from the screen porch my barn loft room is too hot to go in right now but i don’t need a room until after sunset anyways. 

this summer we’re putting out Wrongbrain6. If you’re around NH, ME, or MA make sure to get a copy; i’ve received some excellent poetry and i’m pumped to publish it.  

i’m going to try and get around to SLAM FREE OR DIE’s show at Milly’s Tavern in Manchester some Thursday nights. It’s a really rad reading. you should too. last summer i tried and failed but this summer i’m not rolling burritos . 

the chipmunks go chasing each other down the tree through the garden then back up the tree. a woodpecker lands on it, inspects but decides not to peck. 

I’m excited to say that this stateside summer my next chapbook “Man’s Best Friend” is being published by 2 steps press in Athens, Georgia. Brian makes beautiful books for the love of aesthetics. It should be out in September. I’m going down there to pick it up! 

In september in athens there is an art show going on called ‘content’. One of my upcoming poems “Reasons” (MarcoPolo and upcoming in MBF) will be exhibited therein as a painting. Please find more info on this show and upcoming readings in the appearances  section. 

I met a great poet named Sean Patrick Mulroy when he was touring through my city of Dijon, France and it is going to be amazing co-headlining a show with him in my state this summer on August 20th!  If you are around you should come; he’s got some good poems about me ; ). 

dog is chewing on his pig’s ear father is patching up his sail boat 

i’m just finishing ulysees finally what an epic also sun’s skeleton is an awesome lit. journal and i taught poetry in a middle school last week and the teacher got me the outlaw bible of american poetry which is pretty good so are murakami’s short stories over 


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