Fall in France (Nice)


I moved to France. Again. This time I’m in Nice. It’s amazing. Today I went to a poetry reading. It was old and academic. It was at the library. It was at 3 pm. I’m teaching English here, at a high school level. From the 5th level of the high school there is a beautiful view of both the Mediterranean and the Alps. Kids smoke up there even though they’re not supposed to. 

This picture is an excerpt from “(the spectators generally liked the) pictures at an exhibition” which got picked up by a magazine I really like, 3 am, out of london. Check it out by clicking here. The piece has a sibling and together they make up an aesthetic playground of a piece called “images” which you’ll hopefully be able to check out soon. It is a fictional senior art photography show. 

Also, Two Steps Press, put out my chapbook “Man’s Best Friend” and it came out beautifully. I had the chance to share with its founder, Brian. He is an amazing artist. After my shows in NH and Athens, GA, there are still some copies left. If you want a copy and you aren’t in France, check the stores in the previous post. If you aren’t in any of those places, go to his website (linked above) and send him an e-mail. He said he’d be more that happy to take shipping orders. 




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