Tonight I’m having a Xiesta which means all of the drugs wore off in the middle of the night and my mind is so wrought with petty aching thoughts that I can’t go back to sleep; on that note, some updates! 

My good pal and former room and band-mate Zach Onett has composed some pieces of solo piano music for some poems from “man’s best friend” (of which some 1st pressing copies still exist). His music is wonderfully lively and contemporary and we are trying to book some shows to perform our collaboration together on the Seacoast NH come summertime. Stay tuned.

Also, I’ve been having somewhat of a fiction residency on a New Hampshire arts and culture blog “Off the Coast” working on a piece “Bent Shapes” in installments. Earlier today they just put up the 4th installment. They are short pieces wrought with alt pop culture and bent mid lifes who are sticking around their small suburban town! Check them out here if you want.

Even though the pieces are the scene around  a band that broke up, they are named after a sweet local band that is really taking off, you should listen to Bent Shapes

Vol. 6 of WRONGBRAIN is up online now. In it you can find two GNARLY poems of mine about religion making a diptych collaboration with wonderful local artist Sam Paolini.

I was waiting on this post for a while because there should be some exciting news in the works but I haven’t heard anything yet. Upcoming fiction, poetry, shows, ebook! 


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