if i had to try and define humanity (which for some pestering reason i always feel like i gotta) i think the closest that i could come would be to say that it is the inertia of our mistakes. what i’d mean is that it’s the belief in wrong solutions. every take is a mistake but we gotta slap something on the screen. what i’d mean is that it’s having faith in imaginary purposivness, conjured from nothing and plunging back towards it but of course if i said that i’d be wrong. calling something a mistake is defining it by what it isn’t and that only works in politics and poetry. so i won’t say any of that. i’ll say that

i am cody john laplante and i have made a lot of mistakes and some of them have stuck. i create a lot of mistakes too. i present you here with some of what we consider the finest which, with any luck, your mistaking judgment might lead you to enjoy. wellcome to the inertia of my mistakes, may you have come upon the right place.

contact me (for any old thing) at: codyjohnlaplante@gmail.com


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