Tonight I’m having a Xiesta which means all of the drugs wore off in the middle of the night and my mind is so wrought with petty aching thoughts that I can’t go back to sleep; on that note, some updates! 

My good pal and former room and band-mate Zach Onett has composed some pieces of solo piano music for some poems from “man’s best friend” (of which some 1st pressing copies still exist). His music is wonderfully lively and contemporary and we are trying to book some shows to perform our collaboration together on the Seacoast NH come summertime. Stay tuned.

Also, I’ve been having somewhat of a fiction residency on a New Hampshire arts and culture blog “Off the Coast” working on a piece “Bent Shapes” in installments. Earlier today they just put up the 4th installment. They are short pieces wrought with alt pop culture and bent mid lifes who are sticking around their small suburban town! Check them out here if you want.

Even though the pieces are the scene around  a band that broke up, they are named after a sweet local band that is really taking off, you should listen to Bent Shapes

Vol. 6 of WRONGBRAIN is up online now. In it you can find two GNARLY poems of mine about religion making a diptych collaboration with wonderful local artist Sam Paolini.

I was waiting on this post for a while because there should be some exciting news in the works but I haven’t heard anything yet. Upcoming fiction, poetry, shows, ebook! 


Fall in France (Nice)


I moved to France. Again. This time I’m in Nice. It’s amazing. Today I went to a poetry reading. It was old and academic. It was at the library. It was at 3 pm. I’m teaching English here, at a high school level. From the 5th level of the high school there is a beautiful view of both the Mediterranean and the Alps. Kids smoke up there even though they’re not supposed to. 

This picture is an excerpt from “(the spectators generally liked the) pictures at an exhibition” which got picked up by a magazine I really like, 3 am, out of london. Check it out by clicking here. The piece has a sibling and together they make up an aesthetic playground of a piece called “images” which you’ll hopefully be able to check out soon. It is a fictional senior art photography show. 

Also, Two Steps Press, put out my chapbook “Man’s Best Friend” and it came out beautifully. I had the chance to share with its founder, Brian. He is an amazing artist. After my shows in NH and Athens, GA, there are still some copies left. If you want a copy and you aren’t in France, check the stores in the previous post. If you aren’t in any of those places, go to his website (linked above) and send him an e-mail. He said he’d be more that happy to take shipping orders. 



man’s best friend (has arrived)



some advance copies of my first chapbook just came in the mail today from two steps press in Athens, Georgia (http://twostepspress.tumblr.com/) ! they’re handmade, screen-printed and string bound and comprised of some score of free metered lyrical poems. you can preview some of the poems here: http://www.albany.edu/offcourse/issue51/cody_la_plante.html . They are mostly about dudes, dogs, and dope. 


-by meeting up with me
-at a reading, naturally
-by paypaling $7 to codyjohnlaplante@gmail.com with an address and M’sBF in the subject.

summer in the states

summer in the states is pretty there is a river a raindrop and two roosters in front of me neil young is whispering wisdom from the screen porch my barn loft room is too hot to go in right now but i don’t need a room until after sunset anyways. 

this summer we’re putting out Wrongbrain6. If you’re around NH, ME, or MA make sure to get a copy; i’ve received some excellent poetry and i’m pumped to publish it.  

i’m going to try and get around to SLAM FREE OR DIE’s show at Milly’s Tavern in Manchester some Thursday nights. It’s a really rad reading. you should too. last summer i tried and failed but this summer i’m not rolling burritos . 

the chipmunks go chasing each other down the tree through the garden then back up the tree. a woodpecker lands on it, inspects but decides not to peck. 

I’m excited to say that this stateside summer my next chapbook “Man’s Best Friend” is being published by 2 steps press in Athens, Georgia. Brian makes beautiful books for the love of aesthetics. It should be out in September. I’m going down there to pick it up! 

In september in athens there is an art show going on called ‘content’. One of my upcoming poems “Reasons” (MarcoPolo and upcoming in MBF) will be exhibited therein as a painting. Please find more info on this show and upcoming readings in the appearances  section. 

I met a great poet named Sean Patrick Mulroy when he was touring through my city of Dijon, France and it is going to be amazing co-headlining a show with him in my state this summer on August 20th!  If you are around you should come; he’s got some good poems about me ; ). 

dog is chewing on his pig’s ear father is patching up his sail boat 

i’m just finishing ulysees finally what an epic also sun’s skeleton is an awesome lit. journal and i taught poetry in a middle school last week and the teacher got me the outlaw bible of american poetry which is pretty good so are murakami’s short stories over 

So I got this site…

i got this site. it’s so you can read my poetry if you want. and so you can see where and when i’ll be reading it and publishing it. some people are asking. i was gonna get it earlier but then i didn’t know what to call it. then i called it this. probably it was a mistake. isn’t any a rt chance arT? woah.

rick made the site because i’m not such a master at high level interneting. he’s a good guy. thanks rick.

you can now read or download my last chapbook, how the body works. it has become a .pdf. also i’ve just got another new poem into The Buenos Aires reader if you wanna see a little about what life’s like down here. and a couple new poems coming out in Tiger Train. you can link to them through the published works page. Tiger Train is a good place to browse around.

i’m pretty sure i’m going back to new hampshire this summer. making barns. trying to publish my next book. editing this zine with my friend Sam Paolini. she’s a cool artist from NH. so is her sister. so is her brother. so is her boyfriend. we’re all gonna be involved it it. you could to if you wanted to submit. it’s wrongbrain. check it out in the other projects section.


i guess that’s all for now. viva la poesia y todo…