Published Works


– “alone with the enemy” (2009, Sargent Press) out of print and existence mostly.
– “how the body works” (2011, Sargent Press) Xsold outX
Click here for a review.
Click here to read online.

– “man’s best friend”, (Aug 2013 on TWO STEPS PRESS from Athens, GA)< you can get it where i’m at or from the publisher at his etsy store.


-JUL 2014, ¡ XXX caution ! “Tommy’s First Boyfriend” a short story in The Round-Up

-FEB 2014, “(st……s)tumbling” up in the 2014 issue of My Favorite Bullet.

– JAN 2014, “shock treatment” up in vol. 2 of The Round-up Writer’s zine” (pg. 61)

– 5 fiction installments of “bent shapes” up at from throughout 2013.

– Aug, 2013, long poem, “(the spectators generally liked) the pictures at an exhibition)” up at…..3am magazine!

-Dec 2012, 2 POEMS: “the violence of cycle”, “vladamir and estragon get lost on their way from the picnic”, and “the first and last kiss of j. alfred prufrock” in Offcourse Literary Journal

Jan 2013, 4 picture poems in The Unexposed Magazaine

-Feb&Mar 2013, “super pancho”, and “les demoiselles de buenos aires” in The Buenos Aires Reader

–2012, 3 POEMS: “reasons”, “the fix” and “some summer in cambridge, ma” & 1 VIDEO: in Marco Polo Arts Mag

-Mar 2013, DIPTYCH: #1) #impatient#narcissistic#perverted#post-punk, and #2) you aint ever going anywhere the Tiger Train

– ENDEMIC zine v.4 May 14, NICE,FR published “3 nuits à l’hotel hangover” in French.
-Zymbol lit-mag v.3 SP14 out of Salem, Massachusetts: 2 poems, check it out here: (clickable link to a video of me reading “plural hotel closets”
-UNH’s Aegis uhhhh 3 issues between 2008-2010, 3 poems
-Cavalcade Issue 2, summer 2012, 1 poem
-The 2008 Poet’s Guide to New Hampshire, Fall 2008, 2 poems
-Wrongbrain (link in “other projects”)
-Jazzmouth Open mic review, 2009, Sargent Press, 1 poem


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